Stocking II + AJ
Wedding of Stocking II and AJ
Bride Stocking II Anarchy
Groom AJ
Best Man George Lucas Anarchy
Maid of Honor Chi the Flame Captain
Bride's Parents Thomas D. Francis
Rosa Anarchy
Groom's Parents  ??? (deceased)
Ring Bearer Sandvich33/John Micheal Mitchell (II)
Bridesmaids Kenchia Jr.
Ashley BlazeStar
Amy Rose
Groomsmen Cyclone
MegaMan Volnutt
Dave BlazeStar
Mike BlazeStar
Flower Girls Lydia Prower
Flutter BlazeStar
Minister Princess Kenny
Organ Player(s) + Singer(s) Plillip/Alex Goot (Singer)


  • Autobots (Hated by: George)
  • Predaking (Hated by: George)
  • Dig Dug (Hated by: Stocking II)
  • KillBane's Corpse (Hated by: AJ)
  • Pedo Vegeta (Hated by: Everyone)



  • Shortly before the wedding, Stocking II gave birth to Elizabeth Anarchy.
  • Shortly after they were wed, the Super Piraka Seven captured the newlyweds.

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