Abby + Robo Knight
Bride Abby
Groom Robo Knight
Best Man Jacob
Maid of Honor Stocking II
Bride's Parents Tester & Evie
Groom's Parents Gosei (Deceased)
Ring Bearer  ???
Bridesmaids  ???
Groomsmen Eddy
Tory Burrows
Flower Girls Lilly
Lydia Prower
Minister  ???
Organ Player(s) + Singer(s)  ???/???


  • RobertoftheNerds (Hated by: Abby)
  • Buttercup (Hated by: Robo Knight)
  • Double D (Hated by: Both)
  • Collaterale1 (Hated by: Abby)
  • Johnny Test (Hated by: Everyone)
  • Daniel Clayton (Hated by: Both)
  • Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough (Hated by: Robo Knight)
  • Tomoki (Hated by: Abby)
  • The Masked Pope (Hated by: Jacob)




  • The Bad Thing is that Chat kept Lagging and Crashing. 

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